Friday, July 4th

10h 00 – 11h 00 Participant Reception
11h 00 – 11h 30 Official Opening
11h 30 – 13h 00 Plenary Session
13h 00 – 14h 00 Lunch
14h 15 – 16h 00 Parallel Sessions
16h 30 – 18h 15 Parallel Sessions
18h 30 – 19h 30 APDR General Assembly

Saturday, July 5th

09h 00 – 10h 30 Parallel Sessions
11h 00 – 12h 45 Parallel Sessions
12h 45 – 14h 15 Lunch
14h 15 – 16h 00 Parallel Sessions
16h 30 – 18h 00 Parallel Sessions
19h 30 – 22h 00 Ending Dinner

Sunday, July 6th

09h 00 – 19h 00 Technical Excursion

Participants reception – 4th July, Friday

The reception of participants will be made at the secretariat located at the entrance of the Auditorium O106 on the floor zero (please see plant - the red building).


Plenary session

The plenary session will be held in the Auditorium O106, located on the floor zero and floor 1 (entry of the congress participants by floor 1).


Parallel sessions

The parallel sessions will take place in rooms located on the floor 1 (please see plant - red building).



Lunch will take place at the school restaurant (please refer to map).



Coffee breaks will be served at the lobby, in Block B – floor 1).


Official dinner – 5th July, Saturday

Official Dinner will take place at Convent of Christ, by 19.00. Dinner will happen in the middle of a play called "Ines", held by the local theatre company "Fatias de Cá". Dinner is part of the play.

Synopsis: The execution of “Inęs de Castro”, in the XIVth century, was ordered by the king and driven by political imperatives. By assessing the throne, D. Pedro, who had promised to forgive the "killers" of Inęs, determined to avenge the only woman he loved, and breaking that oath proclaims Inęs, after dead, Queen of Portugal. (

The show has a planned duration of a little more than 3 hours (including dinner).

Technical Excursion and lunch – 6th July, Sunday

09h 00 - 11h 00 Convent of Christ
11h 00 - 12h 30 Pre-Historic Art and the Sacred in the Tejo Valley Museum, Mação
12h 30 - 14h 00 Pre-historic lunch at the Museum
15h 00 - 16h 30 Historic Centre of Abrantes and Aquapolis (marginal urban park of Abrantes)
16h 30 - 17h 30 Environmental Park of Santa Margarida
17h 30 Vila Nova da Barquinha

General Assembly APDR - 4th July, Friday, 18h30

The general-assembly of APDR will be held in the Auditorium O106.



The library is equipped with computers and Internet connection at the disposal of participants (marked in the plant with red letters).

Access to wireless network in the campus of IPT.


Transportation during the Congress

For participants who request in time, the organization will provide transportation, in the days of the Congress, between hotels (only those suggested by the organization) and the Congress.