Development, Administration and Local Governance



     A- Governance and Development

     B- Development Strategies and Analythical Tools

     C- Risks and Tools of Physical Planning

     D- The Environmental Element of Development

     E- Environment and Conservation

     F- Intra and Inter Urban Mobility

     G- Cities and Urban Spaces

     H- Low Density Territories

     I- Culture, Heritage and Development

     J- Landscape and Territorial Planning

     K- Demography and Regional Development

     L- Social Aspects of Development

     M- Foreign Direct Investment and Territory

     N- Tourism in Local and Regional Development Part I

     N- Tourism in Local and Regional Development Part II

     N- Tourism in Local and Regional Development Part III

     O- Innovation and Territory

     P- Educations and Knowledge Transfer

     Q- Local and Regional Public Economics

     R- Macroeconomic Approaches to Regional Development

     S- Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship

The Portuguese Association for Regional Development (APDR) is organizing its 14th Annual Meeting in Tomar, in the 4th and 5th July 2008. Similarly to 2007, the Meeting will be held jointly with the 2nd Congress of Nature Management Conservation.

This initiative counts with the scientific and logistical support of the Department of Territory, Archeology and Heritage of the School of Technology of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (IPT), in collaboration with others scientific societies like the Portuguese Association of Agrarian Economics (APDEA) or Portuguese Society for Rural Studies (SPER).


It is nowadays becoming clearer that the development of territories at the local and regional level is an economical, social and political process highly dependent on the quality and " thickness" of the institutions which operate in the territory and play a decisive role on the conception, implementation and evaluation of sustainable policies for development.
This is the main theme APDR proposes for discussion in Tomar. As usual in APDR Meetings, papers in others areas of Regional Science are also definitely welcome.