Editorial Manifest

  1. The Portuguese Review of Regional Studies (RPER) is the initiative of the Portuguese Association for Regional Development (APDR).
  2. The main purpose is to publish research on the Portuguese and international situations in the aim of the interdisciplinary area of regional, local and urban studies (Regional Science).
  3. RPER was created in the belief that in Portugal there is a large number of professionals, notably in universities, research centres and regional and local bodies in the public Administration, for whom this Review will be a practical medium for spreading and receiving information and exchanging experiences.
  4. RPER’s target-public comprises professionals and researchers with higher academic training in the areas to which space and territory are crucial: economists, urban planners, geographers, sociologists, jurists, etc.
  5. Papers for publication in RPER must be written in a language and style accessible to the target public mentioned in the previous point, despite of the fact that some analytical approaches may imply advanced knowledge in some less common techniques.
  6. RPER will only publish papers written in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.
  7. Priority will be given to papers which explore up to date and accurate statistical information and innovative issues.
  8. Despite of the fact that RPER’s target public is not exclusively academic, RPER looks for scientific quality in the papers to be published. In order to accomplish this, the Review will adopt a refereeing system.
  9. RPER is headed by an Editorial Board totally independent of the Board of the Portuguese Association for Regional Development (APDR), with proven competence for the task.
  10. Papers submitted for publication will always be anonymously assessed by two invited referees, specialists in the core area of the paper. Their comments will always be conveyed to the authors who may then take them into account and reformulate the paper for publication.
  11. Only papers not previously published in other Reviews, Books or conference Proceedings will be considered for submission and reviewing. The acceptable exception is if a previous version of the article has been published as a “working paper”, in an electronic or paper format.




RPER - Portuguese Review of Regional Studies